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Beryl Fisher RIP April 29, 2017
More sad news I'm afraid, Beryl, wife of Brian Fisher has passed away. Many will know Beryl as a regular attender with Brian at our reunions and fro... [MORE]

Bing April 16, 2017
I understand from Bing that Wilma has passed away recently following her battles with COPD and lung related problems which she had dealt with bravel... [MORE]

L(Néry) Battery to move. February 17, 2017
From the latest "Gunner" Néry battery with 1RHA will move to Larkhill from their current location at Tidworth. The move is part of Army 2020 ... [MORE]

Irene February 17, 2015
Sadly Irene, who was a stalwart for the late Butch Holding throughout their time together and in particular through his last few &nbs... [MORE]

Paddy Verdon RIP November 14, 2013
For those of you (and I know there are a few) who may be watching your inbox for any ‘funnies’ from Pat, I am sorry to say there will be... [MORE]

Bill Pincock January 21, 2013
Sadly Bill Pincock Passed away on Saturday 19 January, our thoughts are with his family. ... [MORE]

Reunion Info July 09, 2012
NéryNews     April/May  2012               &nb... [MORE]

Visit to Néry 2012 June 14, 2012
The serving battery intend to conduct a battlefield tour in Néry this year to coincide with the anniversary of "The Affair at Néry" on... [MORE]

Jock Mellor May 06, 2012
Sadly Jock Mellor passed away recently after suffering from cancer. Any further details I receive I will post them ... [MORE]

Paddy Bridgeman May 04, 2012
I understand that Paddy has had a stroke and is currently recovering. Details are sketchy and once I have more I will pass them on. ... [MORE]

Paddy Verdon March 03, 2012
This is a belated entry as I sent this message by email to most.  Paddy rang yesterday with the sad news that he has been diagnosed with inope... [MORE]

Derek Taylor RIP December 20, 2011
Sadly I have to pass on that Derek Taylor passed away on saturday last after a long illness. Derek and wife June had served with the regiment in Bar... [MORE]

Eagles 2ooth Anniversary of Foundation August 26, 2011
200th Anniversary of Foundation.  11 Nov 11 will see the 200th anniversary of the Battery’s Foundation.  The Battery will be celebra... [MORE]

Margaret McEvoy August 17, 2011
Sadly, Margaret, wife of John McEvoy died this morning after a long battle with cancer. Our sympathies lie with John and his family. John's ema... [MORE]

22nd Reunion Info for 2011 July 06, 2011
             Reunion Information (Contact [email protected] for more details ... [MORE]

Gunner Utteridge April 12, 2011
The family of Gunner Utteridge, Tim I think but forgive me if I'm wrong, son of the late Pete and Wendy, are to be presented with the Elizabeth... [MORE]

Frederick Charles Hill March 20, 2011
 Dear Sirs.> > Excuse me for contacting you through email but this is the only appropriate address i could find.>  > It is my ... [MORE]

Kieth Maiden RIP December 31, 2010
I have heard that Kieth Maiden passed away in December. Many will remember him as the BQMS of Néry and before that No1 of F sub. Always remem... [MORE]

Ex Battery Sergeant Major Charles Cooper - RIP October 27, 2010
BSM Charles Cooper was the BSM of Néry in the late 1950's when the battery was stationed in Hildersheim. He was demobbed prior to the deploym... [MORE]

From L(Néry) Battery RHA - Battery Commander September 16, 2010
Dear George,   I have just taken over as the new BC L Bty and saw your email in my Inbox – I am not sure if Gareth replied.  ... [MORE]

Eileen Munn RIP June 27, 2010
Many will be sad to hear that Eileen Munn passed away today after a long and painful battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with Andy to whom she was a ... [MORE]

Jan Edgar May 28, 2010
Hi folks,   Just to let you all know, Jan had two strokes this morning and another two this afternoon.  He is currently comfortabl... [MORE]

Brian "Twisty" Turner May 16, 2010
Hi George    I am e mailing on you on behalf of my father Brian Turner, probably known to many as Twisty.    We re... [MORE]

Butch Holding RIP May 06, 2010
Sadly on May 6th in hospital near his home in North Wales Butch Holding lost his battle with a number of illnesses including cancer and fluid in his l... [MORE]

Butch Holding April 29, 2010
Butch Holding is quite ill in hospital near his home in North Wales. He has a number of health problems and doctors are trying to resolve them. I will... [MORE]

Lennie Hoare RIP March 06, 2010
Many of us, in particulr ex Eagles, were sad hear of the death of Lennie Hoare. Lennie was an Eagle through and through and supported the OCA at the r... [MORE]

Kenneth Raymond (Sherlock) Holmes - RIP January 08, 2010
Sorry to inform you of the passing of Kenneth Raymond Holmes (Sherlock) served with 2Fd (L Bty) 72? to 82? 5th Jan 2010 of Pneumonia after sufferi... [MORE]

John (Jimmy) Downs RIP November 01, 2009
My ex husband john downs (jimmy) served in L Néry 1974-1982. sadly he passed away from a heart attack whilst on holiday in ... [MORE]

Latest from Néry Battery September 13, 2009
Dear Mr Foster   It is with a large degree of humility and trepidation that I write this letter, wholly due to the inexcusable lack of cont... [MORE]

More Néry News September 13, 2009
Dear Mr Foster I have recently had the honour of assuming Command of L (N éry) Battery RH... [MORE]

Alan Seel (LVCM) - RIP May 08, 2009
Alan Seel passed away recently after a long illness. Alan was 84 but I remember him in my early days with Néry. He was very proud of his awar... [MORE]

Frank Murray RIP December 11, 2008
Sadly Frank Murray passed away today, 12 December, in the hospice he was in near Wakefield. ... [MORE]

Frank Murray December 10, 2008
Those that new Frank will be sorry to hear that he is very ill in a hospice near Wakefield. You may know that he suffered a brain tumour a few years... [MORE]

Kevan Newton October 26, 2008
Those that remember Kevan will be sad to hear thar he his recovering from a heart attack. I have sent a message from the OCA via Dave Hamilton. ... [MORE]

Bing Winston Spencer Neil March 14, 2008
Bing Neil had a serious accident at work recently which has resulted in the loss of his right arm just below the elbow. He has been in hospital for a ... [MORE]

RIP May 27, 2007
Sadly over the past year or two we have lost some of our number and it would be appropriate to mention them on the news page. The reason stems ... [MORE]

More about Eagles May 14, 2007
N Battery (The Eagle Troop) Royal Horse Artillery.     The Eagle Troop have managed to keep them selves particularly busy since being d... [MORE]

And more from Eagles May 14, 2007
The Eagle is Ready!   After a frantic summer period getting ready, N Battery (The Eagle Troop) has been declared operational effective after ... [MORE]

Latest from the serving batteries December 17, 2006
L (Néry) BATTERY RHA   It has been an eventful year for L (Néry) Battery Royal Horse Artillery.  After the disruption of 2004/05,... [MORE]